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Welcome to 1b1t - the ultimate vanilla and hardcore anarchy server running on 1.12.2!

Prepare yourself for an unfiltered and intense survival experience unlike any other. Our server is a true representation of anarchy, where there are no rules, no boundaries, and no limits. You will encounter a diverse community of players, each with their own unique buildings and creations, showcasing the raw creativity and resilience of our player base.

As you venture into our world, be ready to face the challenging spawn area, where an imposing obsidian wall stands tall. It serves as a constant reminder of the unforgiving nature of our server. Survival is key, and you must rely on your skills, wit, and resources to navigate the treacherous environment and forge your path.

Our community is an integral part of the 1b1t experience. Join our Discord server to connect with like-minded players, share your stories, and engage in discussions about the server. It's a place where you can find support, advice, and perhaps even forge alliances with other players.

Please note that 1b1t is a constantly evolving server, and we encourage you to stay updated with the latest announcements and changes. Anarchy is at the heart of our server, and we aim to provide an authentic and challenging experience for all players.

Are you ready to embrace the chaos, survive against all odds, and leave your mark on the world of 1b1t? Join us now and experience the true essence of hardcore anarchy in Minecraft!

Community Discord: https://discord.com/invite/23kPHp9

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How can I find the IP address for the 1b1t Minecraft server?

To locate the IP address for the 1b1t server, navigate to the server info section (usually located in the top left corner). You will find the server address there, which you can copy. Additionally, you might discover other details such as the Discord server, website, and more.

How do I join and play on the 1b1t Minecraft server?

To join the 1b1t server, launch your Minecraft Launcher and click the "Play" button. In the menu that appears, select the "Multiplayer" option.

Next, click the "Add Server" button, paste the server address (1b1t.org) into the "Server Address" field, and click "Done".

Once the server connection status turns green, you can click "Join Server" to join and start playing on the 1b1t server.

Which Minecraft version does the 1b1t server support?

The 1b1t server supports version 1.18.1. While it is possible to attempt joining with a different version, it is recommended to use the 1.18.1 Minecraft client version for optimal compatibility.