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A list of Minecraft servers hosted in Canada, Minecraft servers (Canada) here are ranked by player votes.

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Applecraft is currently hosted in Canada. Applecraft is a survival server that offers ranks and extra /sethomes for voting, grief protection, custom player shops and friendly staff! We preserve your survival experience, and do not allow raiding or...

105Peaceful FarmsPeaceful Farms

Peaceful Farms is currently hosted in Canada. Welcome to Peaceful Farms What are we? Well, we are a farming economy server. What is the objective? Create the best farm you can! You have little limits on what you can build! Sell your crops and rank...


mc.daf4ever.com is currently hosted in Canada. 100 Players server on big 20kx20k map Beginning February 2020 a group of motivated people got together and decided to launch their own Minecraft Server. The dream goal would be a Server with a mature,...

131All in the MinedAll in the Mined

All in the Mined is currently hosted in Canada. The server is wiping on February 28th. A new map will be generated and playable on that date. All in the Mined (AITM), is a SMP server focused on PvP, towns and economy. You can join a town and help ...


Sprint.net is currently hosted in Canada. A tight knit community of people that love playing minecraft, server is currently undergoing development, but in the mean time come join our silly antics. it's always a good time there.

141Edge of EternityEdge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity is currently hosted in Canada. Mission Statement: The primary goal of Edge of Eternity Minecraft server is to provide a fun, relaxed gaming environment with a mature, respectful community of players who enjoy the challenge and cre...

147Arcadia MinecraftArcadia Minecraft

Arcadia Minecraft is currently hosted in Canada. Arcadia Minecraft is back! After a five-year hiatus, the best survival Minecraft server is back and going to be bigger than ever! Join now! mc.arcadiaminecraft.com


Digzone is currently hosted in Canada. Digzone is a survival - skyblock hybrid server, with some truly unique aspects to our game mode that players are sure to enjoy. When you join you can jump straight into your skyblock world and start the chall...

172SaharaSMP - Whitelist ...SaharaSMP - Whitelist - HermitCraft

SaharaSMP - Whitelist - HermitCraft is currently hosted in Canada. SaharaSMP is a community driven PvE server that aims to be as close to a vanilla HermitCraft experience as possible. We pride ourselves on being friendly, inclusive and mature; wit...

174AMS DemigodAMS Demigod

AMS Demigod is currently hosted in Canada. AMS is a medium sized minecraft server based on the books about greco-roman and norse mythology written by Rick Riordan


Crashlandia is currently hosted in Canada. Are you feeling creative and want to join a creative and friendly whitelisted community then Crashlandia might be for you. Drop by https://discord.gg/c5RJTG for a chat

207Perfectt Escape Factio...Perfectt Escape Factions Server (NEW)

Perfectt Escape Factions Server (NEW) is currently hosted in Canada. The is a new minecraft server hosted by Gagemalik, and the server is still being developed by Gagemalik and Tuper90. Anyone who joins in the early stages will be awarded with a f...

226JNJ NetworkJNJ Network

JNJ Network is currently hosted in Canada. Java IP: play.jnjnetwork.com Bedrock IP: play.jnjnetwork.com:19132 JOIN NOW TO PLAY MINECRAFT SURVIVAL AND SKYBLOCK! Survival Features: - Player Warps - Economy - Claims Anti-Grief - Auction House Skybl...

235Combine GamingCombine Gaming

Combine Gaming is currently hosted in Canada. Survival/Skyblock/Factions server 1.16x Skyblock is LIVE join our discord to know when survival/factions should be online Survival will be online within the next couple weeks


Matecraft is currently hosted in Canada. Server IP: matecraft.org || Website: http://www.matecraft.org || Discord: https://discord.gg/CW78VBM Matecraft has a community like no other, we have the friendliest players and staff who make up a very clo...

251A Turtles Paradise Whi...A Turtles Paradise Whitelisted

A Turtles Paradise Whitelisted is currently hosted in Canada. Just a small PVE Survival Server with big dreams. Not a lot of plugins right now, mostly just Essentials, but if something strikes my fancy, I may add it. The KeepMostInventory mod mean...


Minecrime is currently hosted in Canada. Minecrime is a cloud network server featuring four highly customized, competitive gamemodes playable on Minecraft versions 1.8.8 to 1.18.1 and clients with Bedrock can join too! - Anarchy - Towny [Coming so...


FluoCraft is currently hosted in Canada. 1.8 - 1.17.1 Gravity block dupes are enabled Various Vanilla addictions and patches, ensure you take a quick look through the changelog to get up to speed Users have /co i perms The server is Java only, Gey...

300The Vlamatif ServerThe Vlamatif Server

The Vlamatif Server is currently hosted in Canada. We are a close group of friends, who are looking for a larger community of players to join us. We currently have had this world up for only about 6 months, it is all completely vanilla. We do run ...

301Entorais MinecraftEntorais Minecraft

Entorais Minecraft is currently hosted in Canada. Family friendly white listed semi-vanilla server. Contact server owner via Discord to join. Using these mods: CreativeGates - quick travel using player built gate network HorseTpWithMe - tp on hors...


GuptaCraft is currently hosted in Canada. Remember the good old days of minecraft where it was not as tryhard? Come join. We have pvp and grief protection with land claims! The world border is just perfect enough to find other players!

392MythicMiner RPGMythicMiner RPG

MythicMiner RPG is currently hosted in Canada. Server Address mc.MythicMiner.info Welcome to Mythic Miner! Our world has unlimited possibilities and endless fun for all types of gamers. Players can upgrade their skills using the MCMMO stats, Earn ...

431A Zombie Pigman Broke ...A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door

A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door is currently hosted in Canada. Introduction: Hello gamers. Thank you for taking the time to consider A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door. I consider the server a lawless server because there is only 1 rule, No cheating. My ...

483Technium OP SMPTechnium OP SMP

Technium OP SMP is currently hosted in Canada. 1.17.1 Technium Network Custom Armor, Custom Crates, and Custom Ranks. Give aways will be hosted at least once every 2 weeks. Join the Technium community where you'll find a community-oriented gro...


Runic-Network is currently hosted in Canada. Runic-Network, We offer free to use TARDISes, Towny, Countrys, Slimefun and More. We have a friendly community and more to offer. You can create a tardis and travel through time and space, slimefun to m...