Creative Minecraft Servers

Creative Minecraft Servers are servers that focus on providing a creative and sandbox-oriented gameplay experience for players. These servers offer an environment where players can freely build, create, and express their creativity without the constraints of survival gameplay mechanics.

On Creative Minecraft Servers, players are granted unlimited resources and have access to a wide range of blocks, materials, and tools to build with. They can construct elaborate structures, impressive landscapes, redstone contraptions, and artistic creations without the need for resource gathering or survival challenges.


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Rank Name Server Players Status
2Complex Gaming

Welcome to Complex-Gaming! We currently offer a wide selection of servers ranging from Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, Creative, Prison and more! Please read below for more information. Pixelmon Reforged: (Latest Version : Adds over 850 Pokemon to Minecraft) This version of Pixelmon runs ...


InsanityCraft is one of the best networks for ANYONE if you enjoy classic Factions, Survival, Vanilla and Skyblock! With a team of staff specifically assigned to manage our events, we will never disappoint with regular and exciting events. We have MANY ways to win CA$H on ALL our servers and give...


OPLegends isnt just a Ordinary Prison Server, We resort to the highest of quality builds and server! You will start as a A-prisoner and work through the many ranks to freedom! The first rank is A block. You can sell items using our buying/selling system. Donators will get many perks, Custom mines...


MineSuperior is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all. Features: - Factions - Skyblock - Survival - Towny - Prison - Creative - KitPVP IP: Website. www.minesup...


ManaCube is a premium Minecraft network with a range of feature-rich gamemodes: Parkour Creative KitPvP Skyblock Survival Prison Factions Islands ManaCube has been growing since 2013. We have weekly global events, tournaments and constant updates - you'll never get bored! IP Address:


ManaCube is a premium Minecraft network with the following gamemodes: Parkour Creative Kit PvP Skyblock Survival Olympus Prison Islands ManaCube has been growing since 2013. We have weekly global events, tournaments and constant updates - you'll never get bored! IP Address: ...


What is BatyaCraft? This is the best minecraft server where you can become a bat on the district! - Everything you need to eat! Skins, a bunch of thoughtful modes, tops, tasks! - Self-written plugins that we made ourselves! - We do everything from the heart - Versions from 1.8-1.14 We have so muc...


Snapcraft is the most amazing cloud network you will ever find. We have mind-blowing amazing builds, A lot of friendly and supportive staff, an active community and an active forum! We currently offer the following gamemodes on our network: - Survival with an MMORPG twist - Factions with perfect ...


Welcome to LemonCloud! Our awesome gamemodes: OP Prison OP Factions Skyblock Creative Skywars KitPvP Survival Factions Join now! @ IP: Website: Store:


Forever Play is a multiplayer, Minecraft community where you can customize your character, make friends, chat, design your own apartment, and so much more. The Forever Play world is designed to allow players to create, explore, imagine and play. Around here, its about being who you are and meetin...


SkyCraft es una Network en espaol donde encontraras diferentes modalidades de juego. A qu esperas para entrar? Te estamos esperando! No te arrepentirs!

44Advancius Network 🌟FRE...

BEDROCK EDITION PORT: 19132 Advancius Network is dedicated to creating quality experiences for everyone! Come join our welcoming community! We offer a 100% free rank system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: - Skyblock...




Features: - Creative - KitPVP - Survival - Parkour - Hardcore - Jail - Skyblock - Survival IP: Website.


Features: - Creative - KitPVP - Survival - Jail - Skyblock IP: Website.


Server Survival + PvP + Factions + McMMO + MobArenas + Juegos Del Hambre + Gestion de Dinero + AdminShop + Mercados de Usuarios + Banco de Experiencia + Trabajos + Protecciones Anti-Robos + Anticheats + Portales + y... Mucho mas...


We are the largest Creative server in the world. 512x512 sized plots Multiple Creative servers that can each hold up to 500 players Access to advanced WorldEdit commands Plot Chat Cross server chat No lag Custom logging and rollback plugin to fix grief Roleplay names Custom home...


1.17.1 - Choose your gametype and join today! Factions: The Original Home of Factions Roleplay: Extensive and detailed RP in the Server Captial PvP: Intense McMMO enhanced battles Lore: Server Lore that is always interactive and expanding Community: A welcoming and friendly international player b...


We host gamemodes Skyblock Vanilla Creative Modded And Minigames: Paintball Mlg rush Bedwars KitPvP

72Mega Craft

If youre looking for a fun, exciting, and customized minecraft experience, Mega Craft has something for you! We have three unique servers, each one with a variety of features that will completely change the way you play. On our Main server, you have the freedom to customize-in all ways! Magical a...


McParks is a Minecraft server dedicated to building Theme Parks to scale in Minecraft. We currently have 9 Theme Parks being worked on You can connect to each server by typing /server followed by the server name. Here is the list of servers: /Server WDW = Walt Disney World /Server Creative = Crea...


Chasecraft is the home of the popular Minecraft YouTuber UnspeakableGaming, his Minecraft server follows the Chasecraft iOS Android app. Join Chasecraft to play on a variety of different gamemodes with loads of custom features, as well as be apart of our wonderful community and talk to our love...

82World of Apollo

We are a whitelisted vanilla survival multiplayer server who is looking for active players to join our great community! Have an idea of a project? Want to host an event? Here is the place to do it! Let your Creative juices flowing here at World of Apollo.

90MuttsWorld Minecraft

You want a Minecraft server thats been around for a while, has a lot of people, and has multiple options for playstyle, thats MuttsWorld. Join us. Family Friendly Hunger Games Survival PvP Creative Skyblock Zombie Survival (l2d)




Some key features and aspects commonly found on Creative Minecraft Servers include:

  1. Unlimited Resources: Creative servers provide players with unlimited blocks and resources, allowing them to build without restrictions. Players can instantly access any block or item they need, making it easy to experiment, design, and bring their ideas to life.

  2. Plot System: Many Creative servers implement a plot system, where players are given their own designated area (plot) to build on. These plots can be claimed, protected, and customized by individual players or shared among a group of builders.

  3. Building Tools and Utilities: Creative servers often offer a range of building tools and utilities to enhance the building experience. This can include WorldEdit, a powerful plugin that enables players to manipulate large areas of blocks quickly, copy and paste structures, and perform complex operations with ease.

  4. Community Showcases and Events: Creative servers frequently organize community showcases, events, and contests to celebrate and display the creations of players. These events provide opportunities for players to gain recognition, receive feedback, and inspire others with their builds.

  5. Collaboration and Inspiration: Creative servers foster a sense of community where players can collaborate, exchange ideas, and inspire each other with their creations. Many servers have dedicated chat channels or forums where players can share their projects, receive feedback, and collaborate on group builds.

  6. Custom Features and Themes: Some Creative servers incorporate custom features, themes, or building challenges to add variety and excitement to the creative experience. This can include specific building themes, building competitions with unique rules, or special events that encourage players to push their creative boundaries.

Joining a Creative Minecraft Server provides a platform for players to unleash their creativity, explore different building styles, and showcase their imagination within the Minecraft world. Whether you enjoy constructing intricate structures, designing beautiful landscapes, or experimenting with redstone circuitry, Creative Minecraft Servers offer a supportive and inspiring environment for builders of all skill levels to express themselves and create amazing works of art.