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Aarons World
Aarons World

Welcome to Aarons World!

Immerse yourself in a vibrant Minecraft community and embark on an exciting journey across our three updated servers. Join us to forge new friendships, explore thrilling gameplay features, and unleash your creativity. Discover a world where adventure and camaraderie await!

Updates and Exciting Features:

We've recently updated our servers to Minecraft version 1.18.1, bringing you the latest enhancements and gameplay possibilities. Our dedicated team is constantly working to provide you with an exceptional experience, and we're thrilled to introduce some of our newest additions:

  • Flying for Claim Owners: Enjoy the freedom of flight within your claims, adding an extra layer of convenience and exploration to your gameplay.
  • mcMMO Overhaul: Experience the revamped mcMMO system on our Survival server, offering a fresh take on skills and abilities for an enhanced gameplay experience.
  • Creative Voting Rewards: Cast your votes on our Creative server and unlock a generous reward of 2 hours of Worldedit commands. Unleash your creativity and build to your heart's content.
  • SkyBlock Challenges: We have exciting plans for our SkyBlock server, including the addition of new challenges. Stay tuned as we upgrade to Minecraft version 1.16.5 to bring you even more excitement and opportunities.

Calling All YouTubers:

If you're a content creator looking for a dynamic community to showcase your talents, look no further! Aarons World welcomes YouTubers with open arms. We've added a YouTuber Tag to distinguish and celebrate our talented content creators. Join us and share your incredible adventures with a passionate audience.

Tags and Ranking System:

Express your unique identity and style with our newly added Tags feature. Set your desired tags in chat and let your personality shine. Additionally, we've updated our ranking system to ensure a separate and fair progression on each server, catering to different playstyles and preferences.

Community Guidelines:

To ensure a positive and enjoyable environment for all players, we have established a set of rules. By following these guidelines, you contribute to a friendly and welcoming atmosphere:

  1. Respect and Kindness: Treat all players and staff with respect, refrain from offensive language or behavior, and avoid harassment or threats of any kind.
  2. Protect Homes and Prevent Griefing: Stealing, griefing, and harming other players or their possessions is strictly prohibited. Let's create a safe and enjoyable community together.
  3. Fair Play: Use only official Minecraft features and avoid cheating, hacking, exploiting, or using mods that give unfair advantages.
  4. Respecting Ownership: Respect other players' property, including farms, houses, animals, and dropped items. If in doubt, ask or return it promptly.
  5. Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive and friendly demeanor, refrain from whining or begging for items or special privileges.
  6. Responsible Mining: Avoid surface mining such as strip mining or open-pit mining. Visit our designated public warp /Sample_Mine for sample mining.
  7. Environmental Stewardship: When cutting down trees, gather all the wood and replant or remove all the leaves. Let's keep our world beautiful and sustainable.

Join our Network:

Whether you prefer the convenience of teleportation and warps in our Survival world or the simplicity of Vanilla gameplay, Aarons World has the perfect server for you. Choose from Vanilla, Survival, SkyBlock, or Faction servers and find your ideal spot to build and thrive. Our server is hosted on the east coast, ensuring smooth and lag-free gameplay for all.

Embark on an incredible Minecraft adventure at Aarons World, where friendship, creativity, and boundless possibilities await. Join our community today and let the exploration begin!

Aarons World Statistics

How can I find the IP address for the Aarons World Minecraft server?

To locate the IP address for the Aarons World server, navigate to the server info section (usually located in the top left corner). You will find the server address there, which you can copy. Additionally, you might discover other details such as the Discord server, website, and more.

How do I join and play on the Aarons World Minecraft server?

To join the Aarons World server, launch your Minecraft Launcher and click the "Play" button. In the menu that appears, select the "Multiplayer" option.

Next, click the "Add Server" button, paste the server address (play.mcaarons.world) into the "Server Address" field, and click "Done".

Once the server connection status turns green, you can click "Join Server" to join and start playing on the Aarons World server.

Which Minecraft version does the Aarons World server support?

The Aarons World server supports version 1.18. While it is possible to attempt joining with a different version, it is recommended to use the 1.18 Minecraft client version for optimal compatibility.