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Start your journey on a new Minecraft 1.16.1 server, all Minecraft servers on this list are running Minecraft 1.16.1 and work best with Minecraft Client 1.16.1.

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394ASAP Realms

ASAP Realms offers users to choose a selection out of 4 classes. Warrior- Revieves 3 extra hearts Scout- Can double-jump Nomad- Set 4 homes with /sethome [name] Wizard- Gets a kit with fireballs with the ability to throw them (They explode like TNT)


SocialCraft is the world's first social server! On SocialCraft, you can socialize with friends, while having tons of fun. We have mini games, cool parties, and many more awesome things. SocialCraft is the world's first social server! This server is meant for the players. Instead of your u...