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16McAnvil NetworkMcAnvil Network

McAnvil Network is marked as Fun server. LegendPvP Factions/PvP LegendPvP is a fun factions/PvP server! We have both plugins and great players to make your time on the server exciting and unique! Our plugins include: McMMO: McMMO is a simple plugi...


AkumaMC is marked as Fun server. AkumaMC offers a huge diversity of insane fun which mainly comes from our daily breathtaking events, tons of competition, amazing features and most importantly the rewards. It has a unforgettable Prison experience ...

37Mineplex ClansMineplex Clans

Mineplex Clans is marked as Fun server. Team up with your friends and build your own epic base in this Factions meets Champions game mode! Defend your base from would-be raiders and launch epic sieges on your worst enemies! Go out into the Borderl...

39DiamondFire - create y...DiamondFire - create your own minigames

DiamondFire - create your own minigames is marked as Fun server. DiamondFire - CREATE YOUR OWN MINIGAMES!!! That's Amazing Right? Great Staff Great Players! Support Are Always On! Have Fun!


SurvShaders is marked as Fun server. A survival server with many useful and fun plugins. Use Shaders mod to improve the game. Survival is the main part or our server. Our server includes plugins such as MCMMO, Essentials and many more. Join here. ...


PvPWars is marked as Fun server. PvPWars is a network of Minecraft servers that released on March 25th 2017. We have a lot of experience with hosting fun, popular and unique servers! Our Current Servers: - Skyblock - Factions Join Today! - pvpwars...

61Mega CraftMega Craft

Mega Craft is marked as Fun server. If youre looking for a fun, exciting, and customized minecraft experience, Mega Craft has something for you! We have three unique servers, each one with a variety of features that will completely change the way ...


Skybounds is marked as Fun server. Welcome to Skybounds Skybounds is a unique and custom server experience unlike any other you'll find. Launched in November of 2016, Skybounds is the home for hundreds of thousands of Skyblock players around t...

88Vanilla EuropaVanilla Europa

Vanilla Europa is marked as Fun server. Java-Bedrock Crossplay Enabled! 1.18.2 Semi-Vanilla Vanilla Europa's main objective with Semi-Vanilla is to provide Minecraft players with a multiplayer experience as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possib...


Blockstackers is marked as Fun server. About Blockstackers We are a community-based semi-vanilla server based in Asia. Our goal is to deliver the Minecraft experience to people all around the world, creating communities and friendships through fun...

95Fyre GamesFyre Games

Fyre Games is marked as Fun server. Fyre Games is a brand new Prison server that is looking to strive! We currently offer Prison Superhero and will come out with Valorant and Mini-Games! We hope you will enjoy the network and have fun!


BirdLanding is marked as Fun server. This a 1.16.4 skyblock server it is really fun and come join and have a good flight. we will be soon adding a pvp arena so be careful on who you meet in their it might just be your doom.


Minefun is marked as Fun server. Come join MineFun to play on a large 1.18 survival and skyblock worlds and claim your own land! We have an amazing community and active staff and many amazing features for you to enjoy. We are the largest 1.18 SMP ...


NWP is marked as Fun server. { New World Playground } - 20+Slots - NO LAG - FUN staff - Multi PvP Arenas - Big Survival - GlobalChestshops - GlobalAuction! SERVER IP : We Are looking for people to join our aready starting communit...

116Castaway IslandsCastaway Islands

Castaway Islands is marked as Fun server. A hybrid-objective game mode that combines the concept of a prison server with the fun of survival-islands. Gather materials and trade with local villagers for money. Hunt, fish, and fight to stay alive. S...

120Relics of MagicRelics of Magic

Relics of Magic is marked as Fun server. Server Version [1.16.1]. Relics of Magic is a survival server with a little touch of magic! Players can try to master up to 82 different spells that will help them survive and fight other players. Every pla...

122Elliots Towny Survival...Elliots Towny Survival Server

Elliots Towny Survival Server is marked as Fun server. This is going to be a friendly survival server, with a few plugins that will help you have fun and survive! We are currently looking for new players, staff and YouTubers!


HexCraft is marked as Fun server. A fun pvp survival server, with Factions, Pets, Rankup, Crates, Shops, Economy, Creative Plots, and more. Ran by older respectable mods/admins, don't expect any drama from us. Some Features Include: Ranks! We ...

124The CavernThe Cavern

The Cavern is marked as Fun server. Introducing The Cavern The Cavern is a community oriented server, dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players! Built upon the feedback of players to help ensure the best p...


TorchCraft is marked as Fun server. TorchCraft is a fun multiplayer suvivla server to play with your friends and an anti greif system so your builds dont get destroyed.

139DevDen SMPDevDen SMP

DevDen SMP is marked as Fun server. A fun, inclusive SMP managed by the Developer Den Discord Server, featuring custom plugins for land claiming, levelling up tools, random teleporting, and more. EULA compliant with a friendly community :)


Syphlex is marked as Fun server. Syphlex is a minecraft 1.7 - 1.8 kitpvp server. We're thinking about becoming a network later in the future. This server has been put through many tests and is ready to ensure a fun experience for you and your ...

148Haven SMPHaven SMP

Haven SMP is marked as Fun server. Haven SMP is a high quality minecraft survival server. A real world 1:1000 representation of the Earth map with nations and wars and even borders which reflect accurately on the borders in real life! This server ...


TechnicMC is marked as Fun server. [!] Grand Release on Sunday 21 November 2021! [!] Make sure to join the discord to see the sneakpeaks more! ( Survival 1.16.5 Slimefun, Mcmmo, Shop, Towny more coming soon!...


SennaCraft is marked as Fun server. Welcome to the official SennaCraft. We are here to offer you a fun, enjoyable, and LGBTQIA+ friendly 1.17.1 Minecraft server including things such as an economy, quests, magic, custom tags, custom ranks and much...


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