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Here, we are showcasing some of the newest Minecraft Servers. All the servers on this list are the latest and these servers will provide you the best gaming experience.

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KozyKraft is our small community being developed daily with every quality of life update shaped around removing anything tedious in MC and make it the most builder friendly & custom client for the best minecraft experience.

365LifeSteal SMP

Lifesteal SMP is a Minecraft server with a unique twist: players can "steal" each other's health! When two players fight, the victor will automatically siphon off a portion of the loser's health and add it to their own. This makes for some intense PvP action, as players must be ...

359Exar smp

⊱✿──────⋞ XR SMP ⋟──────✿⊰ ⊹₊ What we have ₊⊹ ෆ Active Server ₊ˎ✩ ෆ Active Staffs ₊ˎ✩ ෆ Friendly players ₊ˎ✩ ෆ A good seed ₊ˎ✩ ෆ Some drama ₊ˎ✩ ෆ And more ₊ˎ✩ ₊ˎ✧๑──⋞ Discord Server ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊ ෆ General Chat ₊ˎ✩ ෆ 50 Custom Emojis ₊ˎ✩ ෆ Counting Channel ₊ˎ✩ ෆ Fun Bots ₊ˎ✩ ₊ˎ✧๑──⋞ Plugins ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊ ✩ L...

660Dungeons and Fishing RPG

A relaxed server to chill and fish on, or fight mobs in dungeons and bring back loot. The world is always being expanded upon, bringing New locations to search and New dungeons to explore.


Awesome SMP server with a great {small for right now} community. In the process of building spawn city. Would love New members. Add myself on discord to apply! larsontk#7413 When applying fill the following questions out for me. 1. IGN 2. Age 3. Bender Type (A la Avatar the Last Airbender) 4. Rea...


Teamwork isn't just practised at Survilla - it's perfected. We make each day great, together. We create an exciting gaming atmosphere with a culture focused on fun and community. Survival 1.14.3: Survival Custom terrain Exclusive custom levelling plugin Cosmetics Economy ... and more!


AtomicSky AtomicSky is a New skyblock server with lots of really cool features and events. New events are hosted everyday. Vote for us everyday to recieve additional rewards that could potentially win you istop. Payouts: Istop 1: $100 PayPal Istop 2:$50 PayPal Istop 3:$25 PayPal

782Jailbirds Network

WAKE UP PRISONER ! Jailbirds Network is an upcoming Minecraft Prison Server, ensuring the best among all the other prison servers! We are mainly focused on the Prison and PvP fields for everyone in the server to enjoy. Old school prison style Prison Themed Builds Guards, Gangs and Guns ...


-=+=- Welcome to Mythical Skyblock! A server that has been recently created and is looking for players aswel staff members! 22/06/2019 -=About=- This is a skyblock server with loads of custom features such as Upgrades,Generators,DailyRewards,ShardShop and more! We also have seasonal rewards (is t...


- - - - Open Grief Survival PVP / Safe Zone / Arena / Player Shops - Welcome to Open Grief Make Sure to hide your base and have fun!!! Stick around and play fair to get OG rank to use /home, /sethome, and get OG and Shop kits! Check the exchange vendor at /...

229The Fun of Crafting

The Fun of Crafting is an re-opening of an old server. Here, we are a friendly survival community that doesn't allow griefing. We have plugins such movecraft, slime fun, jobs, and more! We are looking for New staff and community members to join today!


Welcome to DarkLightPvP. We are a very friendly community looking for staff and if you are keen you can hop over to the discord where we communicate a ton: In the Prison game mode you will be able to rankup and prestige :D


CreBlocks is a super fun creative server to build your imagination and have fun with your friends! The plot size is 75x75 and bigger plot sizes are coming soon! There will eventually be 125x125 , 250x250, and even 500x500! There will also be ranks coming soon which can let you do a lot of awesome...

775Minecraft Village Semi...

Custom plugin server with zone claim, pvp, economy, and more interesting custom coded plugins to spice up vanilla Minecraft!

931Soulplex Network

Join SOULPLEX NETWORK Website: Servers: SkyBlock, Eggwars, Creative, Prison, VillagerDefense, FastBuild, Survival, Creative and more!

843Chaos Online

Chaos Online is a New anarchy server for Minecraft Java Edition. There are no rules* Hacked clients are allowed Do whatever you want Build or destroy Survival of the fittest

520- -

SkyPvP NORDSKY.DE SkyBlock (1.8 - 1.13) + 24/7 ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------------- + BIG ISLAND'S (SkyBlock) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- + BIG PVP MAP [SkyPvP] ----------------------------------------...

343Cieurnabradd Server

We are a server which is hard mode survival, griefing is allowed and there is no rules apart from no hacking. Owned by the Cieurnabradd Empire.


FREE CASE when you register and every day. CHEAP DONATES - available to everyone. TRAINS - They ride players on the spawn! Go and make sure it's available to everyone. LEGENDARY MOB-ARENA - such a complex mob-arena you haven't seen, no one has been able her to pass through! Of course'...


(We hebben zoveel moeite besteed aan een prachtige banner, maar ondersteunt 'm niet, klik hier om 'm toch nog te bekijken: Welkom op Sennaplaza. Deze Nederlandse server zit vol leuke dingen die op jou wachten. Of je nou een shop opent,...


Was hat Ardania zu bieten? - Eine Freebuild-Bauwelt (20.000x20.000) mit Hauptstadt - Farmwelten (Nether, End und Normal) - Whrungssystem, Jobs/Berufe und Shops - Ein Aufstiegssystem mit Neuling, Spieler Stammi - Homepunkte, Spielerportale, Gildenportale und Weltenhub - Eine Eventwelt mit ...

337Bluenose MC

Owner and co owner are on as much as we can. Server is up most of the time. Hacks are allowed. On Spigot Minecraft 1.18.1! We have a full website, store, Discord, and a nice staff team. All staff are kind and courteous. Now with Bedrock support!


Currently we have a Survival world with tons of great features such as: - Towny - SlimeFun - Runecraft - Custom Worlds - Lucky Blocks - Quests - Pets - marriages - mcMMO stats - and tons more!


A simple server that I made for my kids to play, later some friends. Mostly is a vanilla server that I use to test load on systems such as RasPi's or Virtual Machines. Come join us and have some fun.


server with skyblock still being worked on need staff and pvp we also have nice owners and you can apply to thats coming soon on the website