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Here, we are showcasing some of the newest Minecraft Servers. All the servers on this list are the latest and these servers will provide you the best gaming experience.

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808Dungeons and Fishing RPGDungeons and Fishing RPG

New server Dungeons and Fishing RPG was added 2 weeks ago. A relaxed server to chill and fish on, or fight mobs in dungeons and bring back loot. The world is always being expanded upon, bringing new locations to search and new dungeons to explore.


New server ArkticGaming was added 2 weeks ago. Awesome SMP server with a great {small for right now} community. In the process of building spawn city. Would love new members. Add myself on discord to apply! larsontk#7413 When applying fill the fol...


New server Survilla was added 2 weeks ago. Teamwork isn't just practised at Survilla - it's perfected. We make each day great, together. We create an exciting gaming atmosphere with a culture focused on fun and community. Survival 1.14.3: ...


New server AtomicSky was added 2 weeks ago. AtomicSky AtomicSky is a new skyblock server with lots of really cool features and events. New events are hosted everyday. Vote for us everyday to recieve additional rewards that could potentially win yo...


New server ArstoniaKingdom was added 2 weeks ago. Good Old Survival Server, No Minigames, No Rules On Killing, Just Good Old Survival. The Only Rules We Have Are No Griefing, No Hacks With An Exception Or Baritone API. Dont Trust Anyone, Not Even ...


New server Jumanjicraft was added 2 weeks ago. Jumanjicraft is a small community towny based server with custom crafting and enchants. We have very active staff members and friendly players to interact with. We pride ourselves with memes and dream...

1675BananaPrison - Now Fru...BananaPrison - Now FruitRealms

New server BananaPrison - Now FruitRealms was added 2 weeks ago. Prizebox's Mine-crate Rewards eTokens Custom Enchantments 200+ Ranks Easy Rankup Most OP Prison Server voted in 2014 AUTOSELL FOR MEMBERS (/as) 8000 FORTU...

1674Natures HowlNatures Howl

New server Natures Howl was added 2 weeks ago. Nature's Howl Nature's Howl is a community driven custom made Survival server. We strive to provide the most unique experience for survival, with things such as our pvp Colosseum, Custom...

1194Jailbirds NetworkJailbirds Network

New server Jailbirds Network was added 2 weeks ago. WAKE UP PRISONER ! Jailbirds Network is an upcoming Minecraft Prison Server, ensuring the best among all the other prison servers! We are mainly focused on the Prison and PvP fields for everyone ...


New server MythicalSkyblock was added 2 weeks ago. -=+=- Welcome to Mythical Skyblock! A server that has been recently created and is looking for players aswel staff members! 22/06/2019 -=About=- This is a skyblock server with loads of custom feat...


New server OpenGrief was added 2 weeks ago. - - - - Open Grief Survival PVP / Safe Zone / Arena / Player Shops - Welcome to Open Grief Make Sure to hide your base and have fun!!! Stick around and play fair t...


New server MineQuest was added 2 weeks ago. MineQuest Network - Small friendly community! 1.8 - 1.14 We offer op pvp, for those of you who enjoy pvping! Custom anti cheat, balanced, not pay2win. Survival 1.12 - Custom survival server, with private...

1395The Fun of CraftingThe Fun of Crafting

New server The Fun of Crafting was added 2 weeks ago. The Fun of Crafting is an re-opening of an old server. Here, we are a friendly survival community that doesn't allow griefing. We have plugins such movecraft, slime fun, jobs, and more! We ...


New server DarkLightPvP was added 2 weeks ago. Welcome to DarkLightPvP. We are a very friendly community looking for staff and if you are keen you can hop over to the discord where we communicate a ton: In the Prison gam...


New server CreBlocks was added 2 weeks ago. CreBlocks is a super fun creative server to build your imagination and have fun with your friends! The plot size is 75x75 and bigger plot sizes are coming soon! There will eventually be 125x125 , 250x250...


New server FlexedLands was added 2 weeks ago. Hi there, Welcome to Flexed Lands. The Worlds Okayest Survival Server. We are officially launching today, at 3:30pm EDT. We have all staff positions open, so come apply! We hope to see you there.


New server AndromedaMC was added 2 weeks ago. Welcome to AndromidaMC! New server building its way up! Looking fo r new players to join our comunity. We welcome all! Also, Join our Discord for the latest updates. Our staff are all happy to help you...

984Minecraft Village Semi...Minecraft Village Semi Vanilla Survival

New server Minecraft Village Semi Vanilla Survival was added 2 weeks ago. Custom plugin server with zone claim, pvp, economy, and more interesting custom coded plugins to spice up vanilla Minecraft!

1319Soulplex NetworkSoulplex Network

New server Soulplex Network was added 2 weeks ago. Join SOULPLEX NETWORK Website: Servers: SkyBlock, Eggwars, Creative, Prison, VillagerDefense, FastBuild, Survival, Creative and more!

1662PerSixs CrewPerSixs Crew

New server PerSixs Crew was added 2 weeks ago. Welcome to PerSixs Crew! We have many plugins, such as Factions, Custom Enchantments, Shop, Enchant Shop, and many more! The server is a work in progress, so please be understanding of the servers sta...

1265Chaos OnlineChaos Online

New server Chaos Online was added 2 weeks ago. Chaos Online is a new anarchy server for Minecraft Java Edition. There are no rules* Hacked clients are allowed Do whatever you want Build or destroy Survival of the fittest

866- -- -

New server - - was added 2 weeks ago. SkyPvP NORDSKY.DE SkyBlock (1.8 - 1.13) + 24/7 ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------------- + BIG ISLAND'S (SkyBlock) --------------------------------------...

1293Cieurnabradd ServerCieurnabradd Server

New server Cieurnabradd Server was added 2 weeks ago. We are a server which is hard mode survival, griefing is allowed and there is no rules apart from no hacking. Owned by the Cieurnabradd Empire.


New server YottaCraft was added 2 weeks ago. FREE CASE when you register and every day. CHEAP DONATES - available to everyone. TRAINS - They ride players on the spawn! Go and make sure it's available to everyone. LEGENDARY MOB-ARENA - such a c...


New server Sennaplaza was added 2 weeks ago. (We hebben zoveel moeite besteed aan een prachtige banner, maar ondersteunt 'm niet, klik hier om 'm toch nog te bekijken: Welkom op Sennapl...