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Here, we are showcasing some of the newest Minecraft Servers. All the servers on this list are the latest and these servers will provide you the best gaming experience.

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New server MysticAcadamy was added 7 months ago. A Small and simple SMP server with only a few plugins. We are a friendly bunch who are looking for more friends to play with.


New server AfterDark was added 7 months ago. Brand new Magic server! Rank up for free! Start out with basic spells to fight mobs and get around, and level up to obtain god like powers! Start with one spell and learn many more, ranking up and unloc...

815Fantasy Realms ServerFantasy Realms Server

New server Fantasy Realms Server was added 7 months ago. Welcome to Fantasy Skyblock Server Since the summer of 2016 opened so far, we continue to provide a better gaming environment. The server so far only took five months to develop, It is still...


New server was added 7 months ago. (o zwolfcraft) nasce con lo scopo di essere una piccola community di giocatori di Minecraft a cui piacciono gli aspetti pi tranquilli e creativi del gioco. un server Vanilla whitelistat...

909Minecraft Breakdown Fl...Minecraft Breakdown Flans Mod Server

New server Minecraft Breakdown Flans Mod Server was added 7 months ago. MINECRAFT BREAKDOWN - The best Flan's Mod experience you can imagine! Working on vanilla Forge 1.8 with vanilla Flan's Mod 5.3.1 with 100% self developed server plugin...

449Enchanted SkiesEnchanted Skies

New server Enchanted Skies was added 7 months ago. Enchanted Skies offers a unique class-based survival gamemode with the opportunity to start a Kingdom with friends, fight completely custom made bosses such as the Ogroid Beastmaster and the Necro...


New server Skybounds was added 7 months ago. Welcome to Skybounds Skybounds is a unique and custom server experience unlike any other you'll find. Launched in November of 2016, Skybounds is the home for hundreds of thousands of Skyblock player...


New server MY.cosmicmc was added 7 months ago. factionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfactionfact...


New server AzuraSurvival was added 7 months ago. [IP:] [Website:] [Version: 1.12.1] Survival - Raiding - Custom Mobs - PVP - Creative - Skyblock - LandClaim - Ranks - Events - Kits - Custom Enchanting...

908CraftCadia NetworkCraftCadia Network

New server CraftCadia Network was added 7 months ago. CraftCadia Network Here at CraftCadia, we strive to have an enjoyable and safe environment for our players. We have a variety of game types for every style of player! Our current gamemodes we h...


New server FrickeCentral was added 7 months ago. We are a server coming public after many years!! The server includes creative, survival, a roleplay (map in progress) server, and factions to play on. The two owners are NotHummmannnn doubt_dragon...


New server AgonyMC was added 7 months ago. AgonyMC is a Prison Server with an amazing, welcoming community, a well-balanced economy with spawners, custom hopper system, beautiful mines, interesting crates, excellent PvP, a dedicated staff and buil...

525Achievement HeavenAchievement Heaven

New server Achievement Heaven was added 7 months ago. Come join achievement heaven we have fun game and voting gets you good prizes stop by and say hi to everyone.


New server Bits was added 7 months ago. Welcome to Bits, my name is Fredrik (FredTheLion) and I'm the owner of Bits. Bits is running on Spigot (performance benefits) with only one plugin, GriefPrevention, to avoid griefers. The server is locat...


New server Z5T1 was added 7 months ago. Looking for a Minecraft server with a twist? One you can play with friends on for hours? Look no further! Z5T1 is one of the oldest Minecraft servers still running! Our semi-vanilla server has much to offer,...


New server Villagertech was added 7 months ago. We are a modded server, the server is based around Traincraft and technology and Companies, Factories. The mainline is pretty much complete, its a loop that goes around the server, with plenty of sta...

446Seven DreamsSeven Dreams

New server Seven Dreams was added 7 months ago. Seven Dreams is a brand new and unique survival economy server featuring core plugins such as Companies, JobsReborn, GriefPrevention, ShopChest, PlotSquared (with WorldEdit). Each player starts as a ...


New server Aguahax was added 7 months ago. Petit Serveur o vous pouvez faire une survie seul ou avec vos amis. Soit en survie simple soit en survie plus difficile.


New server was added 7 months ago. Creatively is a server which hosts one of the safest building areas in Minecraft, in which all players can build on. It's main world, the flatbuild, features two sides of turf, the Guest Build a...


New server Skytonia was added 7 months ago. Skytonia is a brand-new and exciting way to play Skyblock! We focus on community and friends, so come join our family and check it out!


New server Galaxy-Craft was added 7 months ago. This is the official Galaxy-Craft custom modded server, running since 2012, updated with another fresh overhaul in 1.7.10. Themed around Star Trek and other science fiction works, our modpack is base...


New server DecimatePvP was added 7 months ago. DecimatePvP Fight your way to the top and be 1. $500 dollar Ftop prize constant pvp with koths every two hours. Come and be the top faction!!! PvP Based economy for constant action!!


New server TheBuildGenesis was added 7 months ago. Version: 1.9.4 Our IPs are: and : This is a community survival and creative server with plenty of great plugins such as dynamic map, towny and such. W...

426Chaotic UnitedChaotic United

New server Chaotic United was added 7 months ago. Chaotic United is a friendly Semi-Vanilla minecraft server with survival, skyblocks and creative. Join today and bring your friends!


New server CrafterWars was added 7 months ago. This server has only one map and you would find this: - Factions, Faction Mobs, Survival, Roleplay made it by the players, Rent/buy Houses, Rent/buy Shops in market, Rent/buy plots, Jobs, HIdden Parko...