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Minecraft RLCraft servers are dedicated servers that host a modified version of Minecraft known as RLCraft. RLCraft is a popular modpack created by the modder Shivaxi, designed to provide a challenging and realistic survival experience within the Minecraft world. RLCraft servers cater to players who enjoy hardcore gameplay, advanced mechanics, and a heightened level of difficulty.

RLCraft servers maintain the hardcore survival aspects of the modpack, offering players a truly challenging experience. These servers support the RLCraft modpack and ensure compatibility with its unique features. The modpack includes a wide range of mods that enhance and modify various aspects of the game, such as realistic hunger and thirst mechanics, increased mob difficulty, limited resources, and environmental hazards.


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This Minecraft Server is the basic RLCraft 2.8.2 install and nothing else. RLCraft is a ModPack that adds difficulty in almost every basic step but doesn't take away from the fun or feeling of vanilla minecraft. Try to survive, clear dungeons, kill/raise dragons or just adventure the vast ope...


RLCraft servers foster a sense of community and player interaction. Players can join together, form alliances, and cooperate to overcome the challenges presented by the modpack. The servers also encourage exploration and PvE gameplay, with new biomes, dungeons, structures, and creatures to discover. PvE encounters often require careful planning, strategy, and advanced combat skills to overcome the increased difficulty.

Additionally, RLCraft servers may introduce server-specific enhancements or modifications to enhance the gameplay experience. These can include custom events, unique quests, or additional challenges tailored for the server community. Server administrators may also implement plugins to improve server performance, security, and provide additional features for players to enjoy.

Support and updates for RLCraft servers ensure that players have a stable and up-to-date gaming experience. Players can engage in the challenging survival gameplay, interact with the community, and explore the unique features and modifications offered by RLCraft servers.