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Minecraft Feed The Beast (FTB) servers are servers that host modded versions of Minecraft using the Feed The Beast modpacks. Feed The Beast is a popular collection of modpacks that introduces a wide range of modifications and enhancements to the vanilla Minecraft gameplay.

FTB modpacks include a curated selection of mods that add new content, features, and mechanics to the game. These mods can range from technology-based additions like new machinery, automation systems, and power generation, to magic-themed mods with spells, rituals, and mystical creatures. Some mods may also focus on exploration, dimension hopping, or enhancing the overall aesthetics of the game.

FTB servers provide a dedicated environment for players to enjoy the modded Minecraft experience with others. These servers usually have pre-configured modpacks, ensuring that all players have the same set of mods installed to maintain consistency and compatibility.


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On FTB servers, players can collaborate with others, form communities, and engage in complex gameplay systems enabled by the mods. They can build advanced machinery, automate resource gathering, delve into magic rituals, explore new dimensions, and tackle challenging quests or objectives offered by the modpacks.

The modded nature of FTB servers offers a vast array of possibilities and gameplay experiences beyond the vanilla Minecraft. It appeals to players who enjoy exploring new mechanics, experimenting with advanced technologies, and diving into complex progression systems offered by modded Minecraft.

It's important to note that different FTB modpacks may offer different experiences and focus on different aspects of the game. Some modpacks may emphasize technology, while others may lean towards magic or exploration. Players can choose a modpack that aligns with their preferred gameplay style and interests.

When joining an FTB server, it's essential to ensure that you have the correct version of the modpack installed and follow any specific server rules or guidelines provided by the server administrators. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for both yourself and the other players on the server.