Minecraft Jobs Servers

Minecraft Jobs servers are servers that offer a unique gameplay experience by introducing job systems or professions that players can undertake within the Minecraft world. These servers provide players with the opportunity to choose and specialize in specific roles or professions, allowing them to engage in various activities and earn rewards or in-game currency based on their chosen jobs.

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We're a towny with eco, Jobs, and survival we also have word games to play in chat and weekly event's come join the community today!


Welcome to NRG Network. We are a newly opened server which currently consists of a vanilla+ survival server, a Creative server and soon to come a skyblock server. We have a non-griefing policy and we have a PvE environment. We have an economy system which also includes quests/Jobs and in-game ran...

110Bucketry Minecraft

What is Bucketry Minecraft? Before joining, you should know what type of server we are. Our primary gameplay genres include Survival and PVE, but also has many other elements such as a progression system, server and player shops, Jobs, minigames, custom spawners, mcMMO, envoy crates, voting crate...

118Seven Dreams

Seven Dreams is a brand new and unique survival economy server featuring core plugins such as Companies, JobsReborn, GriefPrevention, ShopChest, PlotSquared (with WorldEdit). Each player starts as a lowly, jobless Peasant and can pave their path up through the plethora of ranks to become an Elite...


Was hat Ardania zu bieten? - Eine Freebuild-Bauwelt (20.000x20.000) mit Hauptstadt - Farmwelten (Nether, End und Normal) - Whrungssystem, Jobs/Berufe und Shops - Ein Aufstiegssystem mit Neuling, Spieler Stammi - Homepunkte, Spielerportale, Gildenportale und Weltenhub - Eine Eventwelt mit ...

156PetsAndMyths Roleplay

Come join petsandmythsRP! It's designed to be a family friendly survival world with encouraged roleplay! It's not up 100% of the time, but that's because it only stays up when players are online. Thats why I reccomend you join the discord to stay in touch. We are hiring staff and are ...


AesterothMC is on 1.18.1 We'll be keeping with the times, moving with what is new, so we'll be integrating the latest updates when available. Players are welcome from everywhere, but please be respectful. We are an Economy Survival server offering Jobs and a place to Hang out. We will be ...

183Rising Dragon

Rising Dragon is a 1.18.1 / 1.18.2 (greylisted) survival server. With some plugins like mcMMO, Jobs(reborn), ChestShops, and NPCs with quests. We welcome anyone who likes to play in an anti-grief and friendly environment. The server is private owned with an open mindset towards feedback from you....

189Cydonia Servers PVE

Welcome to Cydonia! We are a team of dedicated players, both survival and creative, who are working to give you the best Minecraft experience available! We offer both survival and creative. Some of our staff and players have already created some wonderful towns in our survival world to explore an...

190Lucid Dreams

Website luciddreams.enjin.com Server IP myluciddreams.com Huge Freebuild Plots, Survival/PVP, Skyblock, mcJobs, ProtectionStones, DarkMythos, OnTime, mcMMO, Werewolf, Magic Lamps, Headhunter, Jukeloop, Free Rank to Premium, Possible World Edit in Plotworld depending on experience.


We are a small community that is working on expanding our player base. We have frequent updates and seasonal events where players can redeem event currency for items that are custom made by our staff. Our goal is to add onto what Minecraft already has but still keeping it simple like vanilla Mine...


Si buscas un servidor ONLINE en cul tenga como prioridad mantener la esencia de un servidor vanilla, este es tu lugar! Caractersticas mas importantes: Versin: 1.16.5. IP: mc1.imperiumgames.com.ar. Modalidad: Survival. PVP: Si. Sistema de proteccin: Towny (Mapa principal). Variedad de Chats. Econo...


Exeos is a small community of players just looking to have fun and not worry about anything else. Our main goal is to be as Anti-P2W and Lag-free as possible, as the entire point of the server is just to have a good time. With some competition from the economy system and our leaderboards, as well...

229FamilyMC Survival

Welcome to the FamilyMC network! We are fully 1.17 release. We strive to provide a safe environment for everyone to play in 24/7 with 100% uptime and absolutely 0 lag. We run across two high quality professional dedicated servers featuring our main machine with an overclocked i9-9900k running at ...


RevivalMC - 1.9 - 1.18 Support! What is our server about? Well what is it not about? Weekly updates, growing community, things breaking and people laughing. Whats better than organized chaos? Well nothing of course, join today stay for tomorrow! Features: Slimefun, Towny, Kingdoms, McMMO, Jobs, W...


When we created this server, our goal was to create a unique and well balanced "custom" Towny experience. With our current team having over 3 years of Towny experience we aim to give players the best possible survival experience possible. With frequent updates and actively adding new fe...


This server has only one map and you would find this: - Factions, Faction Mobs, Survival, Roleplay made it by the players, Rent/buy Houses, Rent/buy Shops in market, Rent/buy plots, Jobs, HIdden Parkour stages. ---- ,PvP Arena WARNING! Read the signs To get Diamonds use TnT explosion (sry xrayer...


Delphicraft is among the best minecraft servers, combining factions, survival and mcMMO for a unique minecraft multiplayer experience. Building on SMP and survival servers, Delphicraft adds the best from minecraft factions with a simple menu-based system giving you complete protection and control...

290Vandaliah MMORPG

Now accepting Beta-Tester Builder Applications on our website: https://vandaliah.link/home You will discover - An open build world with Towny - Custom items and inventory - Custom classes and leveling system - Custom Jobs - Custom pet system - Balanced economy - Free `/back` - `/fly` and surv...


Welcome to DARKCREST MC! A general Minecraft server running 1.15.x! We have plugins such as Towny, Jobs, and we even have Bending. We also have things like Voting Crates, and Rankups! You can have an adventure, build houses, and interact with other players of the community for the best time! We h...

304The Cavern

Introducing The Cavern The Cavern is a community oriented server, dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players! Built upon the feedback of players to help ensure the best possible experience, we're certain you'll enjoy your time with us! Slimefun Tow...


Factions Hub - play.skaia.us (1.12.2) Survival server - survival.skaia.us (1.14.4) Towny/MMORPG server - wild.skaia.us (1.15.2) Creative server - creative.skaia.us (1.12.2) Hunger Games server - hg.skaia.us (1.14.4 with 1.8 PvP) NEW Towny Features: Custom RPG Game-Play, World, and Storyline Ritua...

379DifferentCraft - Towny...

Want A awesome Small Minecraft towny server with cool plugins such as Jobs, McMMO, Auctions, Diablo Drops, SkyDiving, Mob Arena And More? Well This is the server for you Our Minecraft Towny Server has evolved around the famous plugin Towny. We are a unique minecraft Towny server with lots of thin...


Azurius We are a small towny survival server with a variety of features! TOWNY FEATURES: MCMMO, Jobs, Custom Fishing and Mining plugin, Towny Plugin, Chestshops, Tempfly vouchers, Experience Bottling, Elevators, Boosters, and more! Server IP: play.azurius.us Discord: https://discord.gg/W2PcKxn

510Box of Rocks

Box of Rocks a Dedicated Server Featuring Survival game play. Free Fly, Grief Prevention, McMMO, Jobs, Discord, Economy, Trivia, Auctions, Safari Eggs, Elevators, RTP, Warps, and more. Build Competitions Events, Drop Parties, Rewards, and Loot Chests. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.


Here are some key aspects of Minecraft Jobs servers:

  1. Job System: Jobs servers have a plugin or mod installed that enables players to select from a range of available jobs or professions. Each job typically has its own unique set of tasks, skills, or abilities that players can utilize to progress and earn rewards.

  2. Specialization and Progression: Players can specialize in specific jobs or professions such as miner, farmer, builder, blacksmith, fisherman, lumberjack, and more. Each job may have its own set of tasks or actions associated with it. As players engage in these tasks, they gain experience points or other forms of progression, allowing them to level up their skills and unlock new abilities.

  3. Rewards and Economy: Jobs servers often implement an in-game currency system or reward system. By performing tasks related to their chosen jobs, players can earn money, experience points, or other valuable resources. These rewards can be used to purchase items, upgrade equipment, or trade with other players, creating an economy within the server.

  4. Collaboration and Interactions: Jobs servers encourage collaboration and interaction among players. Different jobs often rely on each other, creating opportunities for players to trade resources or services. For example, a miner may supply ores to a blacksmith, who in turn crafts weapons and armor for other players. This collaborative aspect fosters a sense of community and interdependence.

  5. Customization and Server Features: Jobs servers may offer additional features to enhance the gameplay experience. This can include custom plugins or mods that provide unique abilities or mechanics related to specific jobs. The server may also have custom-built structures or areas dedicated to specific professions, such as a marketplace for trading or a workshop for crafting.

Minecraft Jobs servers provide a different approach to gameplay by offering players the chance to immerse themselves in specific roles or professions within the Minecraft world. These servers cater to players who enjoy the progression, specialization, and collaborative aspects of playing in a job-based system.