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The best PUBLIC LIFESTEAL SMP network available for both Bedrock and Java! - Both Java and Bedrock - Java Version 1.18+ - Bedrock IP: Br.MineRival.Org


FruitySMP is Minecraft's Largest LGBTQ+ Minecraft Server for both Java and Bedrock Edition, it was created by content creator Monjii after struggling to find a safe space for his community. We are a friendly and inclusive survival server and are accepting of all people! It would be great to h...


A remarkable server experience featuring trending game-modes such as Earth SMP, Oneblock, and much more. We pride ourselves on ensuring our players are well taken care of and our community is a non-toxic friendly place. Valatic game-modes are loaded with unique features as well as a lag free expe...

53LifeSteal SMP

Lifesteal SMP is a Minecraft server with a unique twist: players can "steal" each other's health! When two players fight, the victor will automatically siphon off a portion of the loser's health and add it to their own. This makes for some intense PvP action, as players must be ...

91Island of Eternity

Meet new friends, build and enjoy the beauty of Minecraft with Island of EterNity! We invite you to our Minecraft Servers! Vanilla SMP and Modded MC, try it out with friends, or come join our very welcoming community! We're live in CURSEFORGE! Check out our website how to join! See you there!...

116Kohi SMP

Kohi SMP is a server unlike anything you've ever seen before. We noticed that a lot of servers don't focus on their community, and take the laziest route possible to make money. Our goal is to focus on our community and provide a unique experience to our players. Here, pay to win game mec...


IP : simpleSMP.com - Server is not bedrock at the moment - 1.17.1 Version RULES Ingame rules - 1. Dont grief claimed land 2. Griefing unclaimed land is NOT bannable 3. No hacking / hacked clients 4. No exploits or any kind 5. Staff say is final 6. No TP abusing / killing 7. Thonks always wear Mar...

140Idle SMP

Idle SMP is a vanilla Minecraft server with a twist! We have all seen Hermitcraft, and our server is similar to that of Hermitcraft, we have shops at spawn, an amazing community and with a little bit of plugins we have made this server one of the best and one of the most relaxing servers out ther...


Sanctuary is a growing friendly vanilla java 1.18 SMP with a focus on community and an emphasis on building and cooperation, we strive to foster an active and accepting home for the weary travelers and dedicated players alike. We here at sanctuary are an open SMP with no whitelist offering useful...


Want that classic SMP feel while experiencing one of the most balanced and intuitive player based economies ever made? The EcoSMP team is made up of real life economy experts and long-time Minecraft veterans dedicated to providing the best Minecraft experience possible. We'd love to invite yo...


Must join discord to be whitelisted. 18+ server! GG is a gaming network that started 9+ years ago on xbox live and grew into a bustling discord community with 600+ members. we host multiple mc servers, valheim, and generally the hot game of the month if possible ;). Games are hosted off a dedicat...

230Ragnarok Network

At it's heart Ragnarok is a network ruled and governed by its community. If you are lucky and skilled enough to get past our various entrance exams you will be welcomed into an elite community of mature minecraft players. On top of SMP we have contests, lotteries, mini-games, guns, and more. ...


EvolvedSMP is a survival minecraft server. We have many existing plugins but also some custom plugins. Including a very detailed leveling system. For more information join our Discord, where you can find a full list of plugins we use.


== ABOUT HECKTOPIA == Java/Bedrock IP: play.hecktopia.xyz - Java and Bedrock cross-compatible - Java version 1.17+ - Economy, Towny, Land Claims, Quests and much more! - Custom Infernal Mobs - Voting Rewards and bonuses - PVP Toggle on SMP - Anti Grief (Towny and GriefPrevention) - Graves to find...

280Frog1 smp

Hello, this is a community driven SMP 1.16.5. we have an active, and well moderated discord that communicates with the server. The main plugins are teleport, and grief prevention (land claims). There's players from all time zones. Thanks. There's other servers we play on as well, but that...

308Heroic Craft

Heroic Craft is seeking active players 18+ for our hard mode economy SMP. We offer grief and theft protection with the use of core protect. We have a few good data packs Installed like 1 person sleep Graves Lumberjack Infinitymend for bows Elytra chest plate Player and mob heads Just to name a fe...

326SaharaSMP - Whitelist ...

SaharaSMP is a community driven PvE server that aims to be as close to a vanilla HermitCraft experience as possible. We pride ourselves on being friendly, inclusive and mature; with our growing player base often collaborating and helping each other out. If you love Hermitcraft this is the server ...


Welcome to JellyMCLooking for a new PvE Minecraft Server? JellyMC has what you are looking for! Stake your claim in a New Growing SMP PvE server. With Friendly Members and Active Staff! What We Offer: Shop System - While you wont find Pay to Win here, you will be able to buy and sell the items ...


Fun SMP for all! Contains; Clans mcMMO Well Skripted Crates and much much more! So come on down to rydeer.minehut.gg to play!

365Aether SMP

Welcome to Aether SMP! Here we have an anti grief survival server, with a kind community and caring staff. Come join us for a fun time! We take players opinions very seriously as well, join our discord at https://discord.gg/KCJe5BfzyM to stay updated on any announcements/updates we may have!


Welcome To Medieval Kingdoms SMP note we are still in BETA! We will very much enjoy your company on the server!

401The Gay Frogs SMP

Welcome to the gayest SMP! (Or at least one of them.) Our Server Address is "thegayfrogsSMP.mcserver.us"!

415The CraftXp Network

The CraftXp Network is a NEW Minecraft server that focuses on the core elements of friendly SMP with light quest and exploration themes. We use plugins to highlight and enhance the vanilla-esque play style. Our features include, but are not limited to: ~Customizable-Land-Protection ~Opt-in-PVP ~S...

421For The Crown

For The Crown is a SMP server. Everyone can create their own shops to buy or sell items. These shops are very user-friendly and easy to set up! You can protect your land by claiming. It makes sure your builds are safe and can't be griefed. Go into the yellow portal to go to a random location....

424Dream Survival

This server used to be a recreation of the popular DreamSMP but we have expanded to a Survival Server! Join now! Oh and did I mention its not Pay to Win?


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