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Minecraft EggWars servers are a popular multiplayer game mode within Minecraft, where players compete against each other in a PvP (Player vs. Player) battle to protect their egg and destroy the eggs of opposing teams. It is a fast-paced and intense game mode that combines elements of survival, teamwork, and strategic gameplay.

In EggWars, players are divided into teams, usually consisting of 2 to 4 players, and each team starts with an egg placed in their base. The objective is to defend your team's egg while attempting to destroy the eggs of other teams. If a team's egg gets destroyed, they are eliminated from the game.


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67Survivaldub Premium

Server Survival + PvP + Skywars + Eggwars + MobArenas + Juegos Del Hambre + Gestion de Dinero + AdminShop + Mercados de Usuarios + Banco de Experiencia + Trabajos + Protecciones Anti-Robos + Anticheats + Portales + y... Mucho mas...

73Oceania Prestige

Overview: Host: Our server is hosted in Sydney, Australia. We Aim to bring the VERY BEST player experience for everyone!! Recognised as the Biggest and Best Oceania Hosted 1.9+ PvP Dedicated Server of the Oceania/Asia Region What Do we have to Offer? - Eggwars (1.12.2)+ - Diamond Kit FFA (1.12.2)...


Eggwars, Survival, SkyWars, SpeedBuilders, UHC, SkyBlock, Creative, BuildBattle, KitPVP, Pets, Trails and much more!


To defend their egg, players can build structures, set up defenses, and gather resources to strengthen their base. They can also venture out to gather resources from nearby islands or generators, which provide valuable items, weapons, and armor to aid in the battle.

The gameplay in EggWars revolves around resource management, teamwork, and PvP combat. Players must balance defending their own base, gathering resources, and launching strategic attacks on enemy teams. Cooperation and communication within the team are crucial for success.

As players progress and gather resources, they can upgrade their gear, unlock additional abilities, and enhance their defenses, making them more formidable opponents. The last team standing, or the team with their egg intact after eliminating all other teams, is declared the winner.

EggWars servers come in various forms, each with its own unique gameplay mechanics, maps, and features. Some servers may offer additional twists such as special abilities, custom maps, or unique power-ups to add more variety and excitement to the game.