Whitelist Minecraft Servers

In the vast world of Minecraft, where countless servers cater to various playstyles, Whitelist Minecraft servers stand out as havens of security and community. These servers prioritize the safety and enjoyment of their players by implementing a whitelist system, which grants access only to approved individuals. In this article, we explore the unique qualities of Whitelist Minecraft servers, their emphasis on creating a welcoming environment, fostering a tight-knit community, and ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all.

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Rank Name Server Players Status

Constantiam is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server running 1.10.2 (The latest version) with no Whitelist. It has an infinite map size, no rules, no admin interference. There are no resets; the map is persistent. "Do as you must"


Sanctuary is a growing friendly vanilla java 1.18 smp with a focus on community and an emphasis on building and cooperation, we strive to foster an active and accepting home for the weary travelers and dedicated players alike. We here at sanctuary are an open smp with no Whitelist offering useful...

87World of Apollo

We are a Whitelisted vanilla survival multiplayer server who is looking for active players to join our great community! Have an idea of a project? Want to host an event? Here is the place to do it! Let your creative juices flowing here at World of Apollo.

96The Book Of Ventura - ...

Welcome to The Book Of Ventura The Book Of Ventura is a high fantasy, medieval roleplay server with a hint of steam punk. This server is very unique and unlike any other! We have things like: - An audio plugin - Particle effects which show when someone cast magic - Unique player events - Familiar...

99Crazy Impact

Hi,and Welcome to Crazy Impact. We are a Minecraft community wrapped around the thought of "Build it bigger, Build it together".What that means is we Believe gaming is fun, gaming with friends is even more fun. We want to have many adventures, nights of Building and hours of crafting to...


***SERVER STILL WIP*** Server may sometimes be Whitelisted/under maintenance. Forums: http://bencraft.proboards.com Store: http://bencraft.tebex.io

147FeralCraft Vanilla (Wh...

FeralCraft Vanilla 1.17 is intended as a pure vanilla server that will be existing for as long as 1.17 is up and then move forward to 1.18. It has no plugins except for CoreProtect for obvious reasons and is under a Whitelist so there is control of inflow of players to the server. This is not our...


Must join discord to be Whitelisted. 18+ server! GG is a gaming network that started 9+ years ago on xbox live and grew into a bustling discord community with 600+ members. we host multiple mc servers, valheim, and generally the hot game of the month if possible ;). Games are hosted off a dedicat...


You must be Whitelisted to join Join Discord server: https://discord.gg/Guumx3gw5T Answer the questiond in the "application" channel. Friendly SMP has Minecraft survival gameplay with some additional plugins that would make your experience just a little better. Let's create a commun...

243EHKs True Vanilla

Tired of all the servers that have "vanilla" in the title, but then you read on and they boast about commands, cosmetics, and plugins up the wazoo? That's not vanilla. Well, this is. Yes, actually, really, vanilla. Go here to learn more about getting Whitelisted (All it takes is a c...

258Rivens Universe

Riven's Universe, founded June 4, 2016 by riv6n Official Riven's Universe Discord: https://discord.gg/0yOCr7TFb1tgLi6k Contact: @Akeki Jinsai#4444 What we have: Creative plots - 101x101 Freebuild (RP, Whitelisted, application only) Custom OTG survival 1st amendment friendly Completely fre...

274A Turtles Paradise Whi...

Just a small PVE Survival Server with big dreams. Not a lot of plugins right now, mostly just Essentials, but if something strikes my fancy, I may add it. The KeepMostInventory mod means you dont drop your armor or tools when you die, but everything else goes. !!!IMPORTANT!!!! Join the discord se...


APPLY to join Kitrealms here: https://forms.gle/DSBXmsM8Nc7pEPVQ8 Kitrealms is an Effectively Vanilla Private (Whitelisted) No-hack Anarchy SMP. Currently the only plugins installed are exploit patchers, our anticheat, and other admin only tools. Apply to join by using our website link. Other tha...


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421Edge of Eternity

Mission Statement: The primary goal of Edge of Eternity Minecraft server is to provide a fun, relaxed gaming environment with a mature, respectful community of players who enjoy the challenge and creativity of the game without needing to worry about those with malicious intentions. We have accomp...


Autcraft is a Whitelisted Minecraft server for children (and adults) that have autism and their families. What this means is that if you or a family member has autism and you own the computer version of Minecraft, you can register and apply to be put on the Whitelist and play with other people ju...


24/7 dedicated server. Brand new. No Whitelist We are survival server with sign shops and residences. We also have project zone to build bigger building and redstone project. Why would you be interested of Obsessioncraft? If you are interested to build advanced buildings and/or redstone circuits,...


Are you feeling creative and want to join a creative and friendly Whitelisted community then Crashlandia might be for you. Drop by https://discord.gg/c5RJTG for a chat

509uncovery minecraft

Online since Oct 2010 100% Free, 247 prof. hosted server Stable mature community of all ages Protected 128x128 survival or creative lots Griefer idiot free Working economy skyblock, aether, endless worlds No overpowered mods, no handouts, no cheating IRC, Teamspeak, 2D 3D Maps, active blog ma...


We are an SMP heavily inspired by Hermitcraft. Our map is similar to the one used on season 7, and we have a similar setup of mods and datapacks. Gratecraft is a relatively small server with 15 Whitelisted members, and ~3 active members at one time. Please read our info page for more information ...

558Innovation Craft

Innovation Craft is a mostly-vanilla server created by Aurora2894 and SappyTree. We offer you an 18+ only, Whitelisted, tight-knit community of creative survivalists and Minecraft enthusiasts that runs solely on the donations of generous individuals. We believe the Vanilla Minecraft experience is...


ZeldaCraft is the number one Legend of Zelda-themed freebuild Minecraft server. Theres no Whitelist and no other hassles needed to join - simply login, access our freebuild world, and interact with other Zelda fans from around the world! ZeldaCraft has a friendly community, and as well as explori...

654Terramining II

Welcome to an amazing survival server 24/7 No Whitelist Dedicated Staff Awsome Plugins No Lag No Whitelist Factions PvP Simple and Easy Home and Chest Protection Wild Build zones Anti-Grief Shops Anti hacking

691PlesioCraft SMP Vanilla

Plesiocraft is a community focused server that features many exciting build projects. The diamond based economy is a key part of the server, ranging from shops and services to real estate sales and auctions. Whether you like building or you want to run a business, there is certainly a place for y...


RebelCraft is a small SMP, where people are PG 13 Friendly. We have Economy, McMMO, and Survival. This server is 24/7 and does NOT have Whitelist. Free to join whenever you want! This server is NOT opened yet, it will open soon on the date April 1st 2021, aka Aprils fools day. For now we will onl...


Creating a Safe and Secure Environment:

Whitelist Minecraft servers prioritize the safety and security of their players. By requiring players to apply for access and be approved, these servers effectively filter out potential troublemakers or griefers. The whitelist system acts as a barrier against unwanted disruptions, ensuring that players can enjoy their Minecraft experience without fear of harassment or vandalism. The controlled access allows server administrators to monitor and maintain a safe environment, promoting a positive and respectful atmosphere for everyone involved.

Fostering a Welcoming Community:

Whitelist Minecraft servers excel in cultivating a welcoming and inclusive community. By carefully selecting players based on applications, server administrators can curate a group of individuals who share similar values, interests, or playstyles. This common ground creates a strong sense of camaraderie and facilitates meaningful connections among players. Whitelist servers often prioritize communication, encourage collaboration, and foster a friendly environment where players can share their creations, exchange ideas, and embark on collaborative projects.

Quality over Quantity:

Whitelist Minecraft servers value quality over quantity when it comes to their player base. By limiting the number of players and carefully vetting new additions, these servers ensure that each member receives ample attention and support. This approach allows for more personalized interactions among players, fostering stronger bonds and friendships. With fewer players, server administrators can provide a higher level of assistance, guidance, and administration, ensuring that everyone's experience is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Long-Term Sustainability and Stability:

Whitelist Minecraft servers are often built with long-term sustainability in mind. The selective admission process and the close-knit community that develops provide a stable foundation for the server's growth and longevity. Players who are invested in the community are more likely to contribute positively, engage in long-term projects, and help maintain a vibrant and active server. The stability of whitelist servers ensures that players can enjoy a consistent and reliable Minecraft experience, free from sudden closures or disruptive changes.

Customization and Specialization:

Whitelist Minecraft servers often offer a higher degree of customization and specialization compared to larger public servers. The smaller player base allows for more tailored gameplay experiences, such as specific themes, gameplay modes, or plugin configurations. Players can find servers that cater to their specific interests, whether it be survival, creative building, roleplaying, or specific Minecraft modifications. This specialization adds depth and variety to the Minecraft experience, ensuring that players can find a server that aligns with their preferences and provides a fulfilling gameplay experience.