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Exar smp
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Exar smp

⊱✿──────⋞ XR SMP ⋟──────✿⊰
⊹₊ What we have ₊⊹
ෆ Active Server ₊ˎ✩
ෆ Active Staffs ₊ˎ✩
ෆ Friendly players ₊ˎ✩
ෆ A good seed ₊ˎ✩
ෆ Some drama ₊ˎ✩
ෆ And more ₊ˎ✩

₊ˎ✧๑──⋞ Discord Server ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊
ෆ General Chat ₊ˎ✩
ෆ 50 Custom Emojis ₊ˎ✩
ෆ Counting Channel ₊ˎ✩
ෆ Fun Bots ₊ˎ✩

₊ˎ✧๑──⋞ Plugins ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊
✩ Login Security ₊ˎ✩
✩ Tpa commands ₊ˎ✩
✩ Echest command ₊ˎ✩
✩ BetterTeams plugin ₊ˎ✩
✩ Anticheat plugin ₊ˎ✩
✩ Sethome command ₊ˎ✩
✩ Death Cords ₊ˎ✩
✩ UltimateAntiBot ₊ˎ✩
✩ Viaversion ₊ˎ✩
✩ And more! ₊ˎ✩

₊ˎ✧๑──⋞ Others ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊
亗 Giveaways ₊ˎ✦
亗 New bots ₊ˎ✦
亗 Suggestions ₊ˎ✦
亗 more than 100 total members ₊ˎ✦
亗 And more wink ₊ˎ✦

₊ˎ✧๑──⋞ Discord Server ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊
ෆ Active Server ₊ˎ✩
ෆ Active Staffs ₊ˎ✩
ෆ General Chat ₊ˎ✩
ෆ 50 Custom Emojis ₊ˎ✩
ෆ Counting Channel ₊ˎ✩
ෆ Fun Bots ₊ˎ✩

₊ˎ✧๑──⋞Server IP ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊
亗 Casual ₊ Exarseason1.aternos.me
₊ˎ✧๑──⋞ Join our Discord Server 😄 ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊


₊ˎ✧๑──⋞ Hope you like our hub 🙂 ⋟──๑✧ˎ₊⊱

What is the server IP of Exar smp?

The server IP of Exar smp server is exarseason1.aternos.me. You can find Discord information, copy the IP address, and other details in the server info section.

How do I play on the Exar smp server?

Open your Launcher and click on the "Play" button. Next, select the Multiplayer option from the menu.

Click "Add Server", paste the exarseason1.aternos.me into the "Server Address" box. Hit "Done".

It takes about a second to establish a connection, but it should eventually turn green.

You can now click on the "Join Server" button to join Exar smp.

There are 0 players playing Exar smp.

What version of Minecraft does Exar smp support?

Exar smp supports Minecraft version 1.18.1. Some servers allow you to connect and play on lower versions.

Where is Exar smp server?

The Exar smp server is currently located in United States, was checked 10 minutes ago and has a very strong connection.

Which Game Modes can I play at Exar smp

You can play Cracked, Fun, SMP, Survival on Exar smp server.