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Roleplay Minecraft Servers have a story-driven world in which you, the player, can become a NPC or main character. The possibilities are endless. You could be a merchant or a town crier, or an astronaut in a world in space. Your imagination is the only limit. You will be given items to fulfill the role at a basic level, and you can then grow your character.

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320Demon slayer duskDemon slayer dusk

Demon slayer dusk is marked as Roleplay server. Demon slayer Dusk is a demon slayer based server! you'll be able to become a demon or kill demons, the server is still in development!


Lawless.Games is marked as Roleplay server. CREATIVE!! 1.15.2 NEW SERVER WANT PLAYERS JOIN! -----------------------------------------------------------

334The Cube SMPThe Cube SMP

The Cube SMP is marked as Roleplay server. The Cube SMP is a survival Minecraft experience with a community backing. Our server has a dedicated staff team who is ready to help. Our servers specifications are 6GB of RAM, Unlimited World Storage, In...


DelphiCraft is marked as Roleplay server. Delphicraft is among the best minecraft servers, combining factions, survival and mcMMO for a unique minecraft multiplayer experience. Building on SMP and survival servers, Delphicraft adds the best from m...


YandereHighRP is marked as Roleplay server. Come! Enjoy a relaxing Day On the Beach!, or Roleplay school or just go shopping.. meet friends along the way.. Still needs teachers though..


DawnHaven is marked as Roleplay server. DawnHaven is a Safe, Friendly, PvE Survival, No-Griefing server. We also have additional Skyblock and creative servers, to cater for all kinds! We have a fantastic community built around respect, and take pr...


ClashCraft is marked as Roleplay server. Small Server in development with Roleplay and Nation world building in mind. many fun, premium and rp related plugins to keep you and your friends engaged at all times. come and join us all in the world of ...


AfterDark is marked as Roleplay server. Brand new Magic server! Rank up for free! Start out with basic spells to fight mobs and get around, and level up to obtain god like powers! Start with one spell and learn many more, ranking up and unlocking ...


Gamerscraft is marked as Roleplay server. Welcome gamers, to GamersCraft! A place for all whomst play the craft pro-like! 9/20 people Mic required GamersCraft is a survival world set on a massive island, divided into districts we trade, create and...

375ChileMinecraft.cl TownyChileMinecraft.cl Towny

ChileMinecraft.cl Towny is marked as Roleplay server. Ven a jugar con ChileMinecraft, hace tu aventura, servidor con mas de 8 GB de ram, 100 slots y mejorando cada dia, contamos con foro exclusivo para tus problemas, zona de descargas para los Lau...

380BailBay RoleplayBailBay Roleplay

BailBay Roleplay is marked as Roleplay server. MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY: BAILBAY Die Gesellschaft des dunklen Zeitalters liegt am Boden. 95 % der Bevlkerung sind aufgrund der grassierenden Pest umgekommen. Als Folge wird das Land von der Natur zurckerob...

397Snoops ServerSnoops Server

Snoops Server is marked as Roleplay server. Open world survival server, all are welcome to enjoy a variety of useful plugins. The server offers custom prefixes and suffixs open request along with nicknames. Open spots for admins and mods apple via...

401WOTR Middle-Earth RebornWOTR Middle-Earth Reborn

WOTR Middle-Earth Reborn is marked as Roleplay server. Welcome to MIDDLE-EARTH: REBORN We are pleased to welcome both new and old players to our brand new second server! This server will have more of a focus on roleplaying. Thus, we have adjusted ...

408Certusian GamingCertusian Gaming

Certusian Gaming is marked as Roleplay server. Certusian Gaming is a 1.18 Towny based Minecraft server, based in Europe. We offer a 50x50k vanilla generated world with a huge dynamic map plugin. You can make towns, grow and get rich. You can even ...

410Anchor RealmsAnchor Realms

Anchor Realms is marked as Roleplay server. [b]Anchor Realms[/b] Welcome to Anchor Realms! This is a custom survival experience with an endless amount of features for you all to enjoy. This is a family friendly server where we strive to bring the ...

422Age Of ElysianAge Of Elysian

Age Of Elysian is marked as Roleplay server. Age Of Elysian Slimefun - Slimefun offers over 400 new items including everything from super jumping slime boots to energy systems and nuclear reactors. We also offer a custom plugin resource pack for...


EcoSMP is marked as Roleplay server. Want that classic SMP feel while experiencing one of the most balanced and intuitive player based economies ever made? The EcoSMP team is made up of real life economy experts and long-time Minecraft veterans de...


OGMC is marked as Roleplay server. OGMC is a towny survival server on a custom Europe map. Players awaken in a bunker and can then travel to join a town or make their own town and craft their history on the server.


Apocalypse is marked as Roleplay server. Apocalypse :: Adventure, Fly Dragons, Unique Mobs, Quests, Skills, Races and much, much more! Play as a hero and adventure through the lands of Orcus - Fighting through Dungeons, Raids and completing Quests...

454KaosCraft - Hub - Town...KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction

KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction is marked as Roleplay server. Welcome To KaosCraft, We have been running servers since Feb 2012, weve had a great result from running these server, so now weve thought why not make KaosCraft bigger! So we have, We...


MangoBay is marked as Roleplay server. Come join MangoBay today! We have a small but fun group of players. Here on MangoBay we don't believe in pay to win. Which is why we offer ranks simply from voting. Some features we offer are Claims, Play...

465SORB VilousSORB Vilous

SORB Vilous is marked as Roleplay server. SORB Vilous 1.12.2 This server features a tech-enriched sci-fi themed modded experience in vanilla Minecraft. We have protective rules, great staff, a great community, lots of planets to travel to, faction...


StarSMP is marked as Roleplay server. Friendly modded survival community. Casual PVP tournaments, build contests, and more. Visit our website for more information and complete modlist+ download ! Mod highlights: * Create + Addons * Ars Noveau * Ti...


KivCraft is marked as Roleplay server. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - survival - no economy or landclaim plugins started by players, for players! caring, supportive staff tight-knit, growing community 500k world bor...

489Island ClashIsland Clash

Island Clash is marked as Roleplay server. Inspired by Clash of Clans and Age of Empires, this is a completely custom Minecraft server! Check it out; you will not find another server out like it, and we mean that. Features: - Completely custom, ne...


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