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Turtle Towny Hardcore
Checked19 minutes ago
CountryUnited States

Turtle Towny Hardcore

Towny, but with an economy centralized on Hardcore mode!
Hardcore mode is enabled at all times, which means that if a player
is to die, they will be placed in spectator. In this server, you or your town/nation can pay up the fine to revive you or another player. The
cost depends on what items we're on the player at the time, and if you can't pay up the fine to get the items back as well, they will be left inside a holding area until the player is able to pay the amount to get the item back. If the player that died isn't a major or king, the major/king is able to pay for the fine at a discount. There are also items that will be available at different times of the week, so on Fridays there will be Diamonds and Netherite Ingots for sale on the Auction House, and on Mondays, wood types and Iron (This is not finale).
Hopefully you have fun in the server if you choose to join it!

What is the server IP of Turtle Towny Hardcore?

The server IP of Turtle Towny Hardcore server is You can find Discord information, copy the IP address, and other details in the server info section.

How do I play on the Turtle Towny Hardcore server?

Open your Launcher and click on the "Play" button. Next, select the Multiplayer option from the menu.

Click "Add Server", paste the into the "Server Address" box. Hit "Done".

It takes about a second to establish a connection, but it should eventually turn green.

You can now click on the "Join Server" button to join Turtle Towny Hardcore.

What version of Minecraft does Turtle Towny Hardcore support?

Turtle Towny Hardcore supports Minecraft version 1.12.2. Some servers allow you to connect and play on lower versions.

Where is Turtle Towny Hardcore server?

The Turtle Towny Hardcore server is currently located in United States, was checked 19 minutes ago and has a very strong connection.

Which Game Modes can I play at Turtle Towny Hardcore

You can play Hardcore, Survival, Towny, Vanilla, Economy, Fun on Turtle Towny Hardcore server.