Minecraft Servers

This website lists the best Minecraft servers to play on. You can browse our list to find the perfect server for you. To learn more about a server, click on it or copy its ip address to your Minecraft client. You will be amazed at how good it is.

Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1026SirYakari unOficiall

Server od fanouk youtubera SirYakari. Zahrajte si klasick Bedwars, mini duely, Autoparkur nebo si stavjte v creative modu na vlastnm pozemku. Na serveru b Vault, Word Guard, Anti Cheat.

1027Shadow Realms

New Surival server with big plans. I am looking for staff and players. Custom Items, mobs, and enchants will be added in the near future.


Welcome to GratefulCraft! GratefulCraft has in game ranks as well as a lot of cool and interesting features. Our ranks are entirely free to buy and use. Anyone can hop online and build/do whatever they want.

1029tech park disney

a server with California advanture, universal studios, shanghai Disney theme park, and many more we are a chill growing server with an amazing team. come on and have some fun


Hey ! Bienvenue sur Oerthyon ! Oerthyon est un serveur PvP/Mini-Jeu Alors qu'attendez-vous pour nous rejoindre ! http://discord.oerthyon.fr/ play.oerthyon.fr

1031Averia Realms

Averia Realms is a constantly growing TOWNY RPG server with amazing features such as: Custom World Generation! Featuring 1.18 Lush Caves in 1.17! Daily / Weekly / Monthly rewards! Unique Challenges to get various prizes from completing them! Trading System to safely trade items money between ...


This server will soon offer many games to play, for now we have KitPvP, Survival and SkyBlock! This server is in early development so if any bugs occur then please contact us on our discord server! We are also looking staff, but please don't just join to ask for staff. Enjoy!


What are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft Servers can be a great way for new friends and to make new connections. Minecraft Servers allow people to play Minecraft with other players around the globe. This is a great way to play Minecraft, which is very popular with millions of people around the world. You can have fun and meet new people by playing Minecraft with others from around the globe. Minecraft Servers are a great way to meet new people and have fun. To play with other Minecraft players around the world, you need to join a Minecraft server and play on it. You will need the IP address to join a Minecraft Server. We have many servers for you to choose from on our website.

Are Minecraft Servers Secure?

Thats a great question! Servers can be made safer by having moderators and rules. We recommend that you ask server staff for information about safety and rules before using the server.

What's the difference between Java and Bedrock Minecraft servers?

There are two types of Minecraft servers: the Minecraft: Java Edition and the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Minecraft servers are a multiplayer environment that allows players to build and do anything they like, as long as the server is not negatively affecting other players. Java servers are equipped with Java mods that allow server administrators to create custom code and scripts to enhance gameplay and balance. Bedrock servers don't allow mods and can therefore not experience the new features that Java versions offer.

What is the history of Minecraft Servers

Minecraft servers have been around for as long as Minecraft itself. Mojang, a game company, has known about people hosting servers for a while and has had a developer record its history on their website. A gamer whose alias was "Aerith", created the first Minecraft server. He hosted "Laddycraft" on a Texas-based server. These were the early days for Minecraft servers. Players started hosting their servers on rented servers, or even running them from their homes.

How can I join a Minecraft Server

How to join a Minecraft server? You can go to the Minecraft server list website to find the server you are interested in. We have many servers available right here! We have vetted many servers and gamemodes. After you've found the server, click "Copy IP", then open Minecraft: Java Edition. Click on "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server" in Minecraft. Copy the IP address that you copied and paste it into the IP Address field. For the port, enter "25565". Click on the server to load it.

What are some of the most popular Minecraft server gamemodes you can play?

Survival - This gamemode has one objective: to survive. To survive, a player must kill mobs and craft resources. Exploration, crafting, and sometimes trading are the only sources of resources. Creative - Creative has no objectives and players can destroy and use whatever they want. Some players build or design with specific goals, even though there is no objective. Mini Game – This is a world that can be created by players. It allows them to play any of the mini games, such as SkyWars or EggWars. SkyBlock – Players can spawn on an infinitely expanding floating island in the void. They have minimal resources. Prison - To reach the "Free" rank, players will need to climb a ladder of ranks.